Interesting photos submitted by members

Recovery of Sunken Boat

Labour day weekend 2016, a boat sank and flipped upside down along

Boat upside down

Sunken and Overturned boat

Sunrise Trail.  It seems it was tied too tightly to the dock so it could not rise and fall with the waves and gradually became swamped. (Don’t let this happen to you).


barge arrives

Recovery Crew Arrives

A recovery crew from Cottage Country Marine Maintenance arrived a couple of days later and righted the boat and pumped some water out before towing it to the boat launch.

boat upright

Up and Full of Water

boat turning

Over She Goes

Early Spring 2015 – photo from Worona Road

Spring 2015

Merganser Family Leaves the Nest

On July 4, 2014 we had the privilege of watching a mother Red-Breasted Merganser call to her ducklings that it was time to leave the nest. She flew out of our Wood Duck Box where she had nested, and began swimming around, quacking to the babies. One by one, they jumped/semi-flew out of the box and joined her in the water. Until the last one, who was either too frightened to leave, overwhelmed by the height of the jump (it’s about 12 feet off the ground) or just couldn’t get enough momentum to get out the hole. He finally succeeded and the family of nine ducklings with Mom paddled along the shore. What a pleasure to watch nature unfold!


Eagle gets a fish

Saw the eagle dive into the water and then it couldn’t take off again and swam to shore. I went out in the boat to see if it made it and found it eating this massive pike. I guess it was too heavy to lift and there was no way it would let go. Determined bird.


How nice a fall morning is this?