Black Sturgeon Lake Property Owners Association

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Where We Are

Black Sturgeon Lake is a beautiful lake
about 10 km long and 2 km wide
with lots of bays and islands located in Kenora, Ontario.


Lake Location Map

Notices and Events

2022 AGM July 23

The Black Sturgeon Lake Property Owner’s Association AGM will be held Saturday July 23, from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the Rotary Room, Kenora Recreation Centre.  Join Us!

Richard and Susan Cone are going to give an important update from the North of the Bypass Group.  Regenerate Solar are going to give us information on installing solar panels on your property.

Come have a coffee with your neighbours – hope to see you there!  Please let us know if you plan to attend so we can plan for numbers.

Thanks.  George Turpie President, BSLPOA

High Water, Boat Speeds and Wakes

With the high water levels this spring, significant damage can be caused to shorelines, docks, and moored boats by boat wakes.  Please remember lake etiquette and  boat safely and be considerate of the shoreline, specifically peoples’ docks and boats. Don’t drive close to shore unless you have to and if you do: No Wake. Also, keep an eye out for floating debris and swimmers and kayakers as there have been close calls reported.

Kenora Municipal Election 2022 October

Nominations are open for the 2022 Municipal Election!

Kenora Mayor Dan Reynard has previously confirmed he will run again for re-election in 2022. Reynard won the Mayor’s seat in the 2018 election with over 4,000 more votes than any other candidate.

The final day to file a nomination is August 19 by 2 p.m. Municipal and school board elections are set for October 24, with in-person, online and phone voting. Residents will elect Kenora’s Mayor and six councillors, five separate school board trustees and three public school board trustees.

Peterson Garbage Shed Update

There continues to be a lot of mis-use at this recycle and garbage drop and the bears have broken in and made a mess several times.  There is a lot of commentary on the facebook page. Please use the transfer station, at least until the bears hibernate.

Peterson Garbage Shed and Recycle area

c.  As a result the BSLPOA has hired a university student to monitor the cage and recycling going forward -during the busy months of summer spring and into the Fall. The University student will be monitoring for proper use of the cage and recycling.  Thank you to everyone for your input and help regarding this issue and let’s make this work.

The Hooks have volunteered to drop off flyers to each household on Peterson which clearly outlines the Recycling and Cage operations. BSLPOA will pull together the info and have it ready for distribution in the coming weeks.  Steve Davis has already met with the city and they have agreed to the following;  Here is what they plan to do and pay for:
1) Additional signs put on shed about bag tags, and what can and can’t be put in blue bins.
2) Stickers on all blue bins, No Glass, No Plastic bags.
3) 2 more bins
4) Build a wooden fence on two sides to act as a wind break .
5) Lock to be changed to combo style (0000)  ( agrees most likely renters don’t have key or people forget to bring key)
6) repair door on shed and any other repairs shed will need

For those that rent their cottages, it is very important that your renters are aware of all the rules regarding the cage and recycling, or better yet, have part of your service be to dispose of the garbage yourselves after they leave. Especially important is for EVERYONE to follow the rules on recycling – they are different from other jurisdictions and from the transfer station. One of the biggies is you need to rinse food containers. The city says it has been throwing out almost 70% of the recycling because of food contamination. A simple rinse of milk jugs and food containers will solve this issue. The alternative is the removal of the blue bins. Long weekends are problematic – if you see a mess, please clean it up. If the blue bins are full, wait to dispose of your recycling, or simply take it to the transfer station. 

Spring 2021 Newsletter is posted

The spring newsletter (May 2021)  is posted on the Newsletter Page.  Past newsletters are also posted there.

Bear Sightings

There have been lots of Bear sightings this year again. Be careful with your dogs and be careful out walking.  See the facebook page for pictures/videos.

2020 Photo Contest

There was no contest for 2021.  The 2020 photo contest has  been judged.    Winners are #02, #25, and #10.  Honourable mentions go to #06, #12, #22, and #30.

Black Sturgeon Lakes Water Quality Monitoring 2019 Report

Attached to the 2020-02-18 Kenora Council Agenda is the Report on Water Quality Monitoring.  The results confirm that Black Sturgeon Lake water quality remains good.  The brief to Council starts on page 5 of the agenda and the full report begins on Page 7.

2019 Info from FOCA

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA)  has issued some information relevant to us

Hydro rates! The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) have approved the elimination of the seasonal rate class by Hydro One. See the FOCA information page and the letter issued by Hydro One.

Septic systems:  FOCA has put out an information sheet overview on septic systems with a lot of useful information.

2019 AGM June 8

Our Annual General Meeting was  held June 8 with about 30 members in attendance.  LOWDistrict Stewardship Association president Hardy Bock spoke and updated our association on taxation issues, zebra mussels and tours of the Experimental Lakes.  Arlin Conway of Camp Communications spoke to the crowd about his company and its Internet offering and how it will be coming to Black Sturgeon hopefully in a year’s time.  Richard Cone gave a brief rundown of the taxation issues and will be heading up a group to address the issues directly with the city and Province. Secession is a strong consideration.

Municipal Town Council

Following the Election 2018 Oct 22, the new Kenora town council is composed of

Mayor: Dan Reynard

Councillors: Andrew Poirier, Mort Goss, Sharon Smith, Rory McMillan, Chris Van Wallenghan, Kirsi Raiko

These are the people to contact with any issues.

Wolf sightings

We again have had a number of Wolf sightings See report in the 2017 Apr newsletter

Some helpful information from MNR:

1. If you or your animal is attacked you may shoot the wolf but you cannot shoot them if they are just passing through, if you feel threatened call 911

2. Keep your pets on leashes and do not let them wonder

3. If you shoot a Wolf you must report this immediately .

4. Do not feed the deer as the Wolves follow them and may come in your yard

5. They are usually more aggressive when the fawns are being born.

6. Keep your garbage well concealed ESP if it has bones meat scraps etc .

7. It is very common for them to take pets .

Also see the MNR webpage at