About Us

The Black Sturgeon Lake Property Owners Association

The Black Sturgeon Lake Property Owners Association (BSLPOA) has been founded for all property owners living on Black Sturgeon Lake who are interested in an organization to work for their common good: the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of life on the lake for both seasonal and permanent residents through careful attention to such matters as water quality, shoreline development, and boating and swimming safety. The Association acknowledges our responsibility to the original Black Sturgeon Estates Property Owners to recognize The Glen and property generously donated by the Reid family. The BSLPOA has no powers or authority to perform or provide services or functions that are the responsibility of the government(s) and their various agencies.  Currently our membership is about 100 cottage owners.

The executive are:

  • President – Phil Burns
  • Past President – Tino Brambilla
  • Vice-president – Steve Garrett
  • Vice-President –
  • Secretary – Terry Palmer
  • Treasurer – Barb Fletcher
  • Membership – Patti Sutherland
  • Newsletter – Erin McCuaig

Area Reps

  • Worona Road  – Phil Burns
  • BS Estates Area Reps – Hardy Bock, Bruce Wiseman, Marcia Karp
  • BS South Ritchie Road – Steve Garrett
  • Bruckenberger Road – open
  • William Road – Norm Sukkau
  • James Road – Elsie Neufeld

You can contact us at bslpoa@gmail.com

Constitution Report from 2016 AGM – Tino Brambilla updated the membership on the work he has done on the Constitution of the Assoc. The revised version is based on the initial Black Sturgeon Estates Property Owners Association constitution. The purpose of the revisions is to more clearly reflect the growth of the Association outside of its original boundaries and member representation. Today’s Association encompasses membership from the whole Lake (Upper and Lower) and the Constitution needs to acknowledge this. The new constitution was accepted during the 2016 AGM.  Read the BSLPOA Constitution 2016.


Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association – Also an advocate of the same issues in a wider context, with around 3000 members, the  Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association can be contacted through executive director Diane Schwatrz-Williams (807-543-4287).